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Meritum Financial Group was founded in Victoria in 2004. Today, Meritum has 110 authorised representatives across Australia.

As part of the MLC and NAB networks, our authorised representatives have access to extensive resources, outstanding expertise and the most up to date and high quality advice. Meritum is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Australia Bank Group of Companies.

Our approach

We’re committed to creating immediate and long-term value for our clients through personalised financial planning, wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies that provide flexibility as your goals and needs change over time.

Our adviser network

Our advisers are highly skilled and experienced financial planning professionals with a long-term outlook. We build meaningful, professional relationships with our clients over time, working with you through all environments.

No matter where you’re at in your investing journey, we can help.

  • There’s no reason why the future you imagine can’t become a reality. You may plan to purchase a car or go on a holiday. Alternatively you may start saving for a house deposit. By setting realistic goals and getting quality advice early you can easily be on the road to success.

    If this sounds like you, we can help:

    • Saving for a house deposit
    • Outgoing expenses are low
    • Planning to travel
    • Income is rising along with expenses
    • Want more spending money
    • Have low debt
    • First regular income
    • Plans to invest
    • Moderate lifestyle expenses (but no equity building)
    • Building a track record of employment

    Key strategies to help when you’re starting out:

    • Budgeting
    • Maximising investments and using devices such as compound interest
    • Risk insurance (e.g. income protection and trauma)
  • When you’re building wealth, life can be complicated. Raising a family, building a career, getting a quote for that extension or upsizing into a bigger home – the challenges and opportunities are significant. At this stage, protecting the things you care about is also critical.

    The big issues you need to deal with are keeping an eye on minimising expenses, and what happens to a young family if you get hurt and cannot work.

    If this sounds like you, we can help:

    • Family of many growing children
    • Children’s school fees
    • Own home, needs renovation or extension
    • High daily living expenses
    • Married, dual income
    • Children’s health expenses
    • Own an investment unit
    • Planning for a baby
    • Plan a home purchase
    • Single parent with children
    • Parental support
    • Career demands may mean relocating
    • One or both high-income self-employed
    • One or both part-time employed

    Key strategies to help when you’re growing and protecting your wealth:

    • Superannuation planning
    • Risk insurance (life insurance, income protection and trauma)
    • Maximising investments
    • Debt management (personal and home loans)
  • You’ve toughed it out over the hardest parts. Behind you are the bulk of the mortgage, school and medical expenses. You can now focus on how you want to structure your lifestyle and maximise your efforts in trying to prepare yourself for retirement.

    At this stage of your life, you’ll be considering your superannuation situation, and with no mortgage to pay anymore, wealth accumulation especially in super becomes a major focus.

    If this sounds like you, we can help:

    • High outgoing expenses
    • Reducing a large debt
    • Long-term household responsibilities
    • Retirement within 10 years
    • Voluntary redundancy
    • Single parent
    • Supporting children
    • Suddenly asset rich (divorce settlement)
    • Planning a home purchase
    • Planning significant life changes
    • Low outgoing expenses
    • Health issues

    Key strategies to help when you’re in pre-retirement:

    • Maximising investments
    • Salary sacrificing to super
    • Risk insurance
  • You may have carefully considered your retirement options and have put a plan in place some time back. However, with the costs of living increasing, have you budgeted properly?

    At this stage, you need to maximise your retirement savings to fund the lifestyle you want – from an overseas trip to helping set up the grandkids. Having a retirement plan is essential, as you will need to structure your finances to make sure you receive your maximum retirement benefit.

    If this sounds like you, we can help:

    • Recently retired
    • Wonder if you are restricted by your circumstances
    • Would like to leave a legacy for future generations
    • Husband or wife retired; other spouse considering retirement
    • Sourcing healthcare benefits
    • Lump sum trauma benefit
    • Certain funds only apply to income-earners
    • Considering an overseas property
    • Interested in travel

    Key strategies to help when you’re in retirement:

    • Pension maximisation
    • Managing tax issues
    • Life insurance